Google Acquired Services

June 26, 2008

Here is the  list of acquisitions by Google.
A total of 51 companies have been acquired as of March 2008.
Google’s largest acquisition as of March 2008 is the purchase of DoubleClick, an online advertising company, for US$3.1 billion.

Acquisition date


Derived services

12-Feb-01 Deja Google Groups
20-Sep-01 Outride Google Personalized Search
Feb-03 Pyra Labs Blogger
Apr-03 Neotonic Software Google Groups, Gmail
Apr-03 Applied Semantics AdSense, AdWords
30-Sep-03 Kaltix iGoogle
Oct-03 Sprinks(a division of Primedia) AdSense, AdWords
10-Oct-03 Genius Labs Blogger
10-May-04 Ignite Logic Google Page Creator
23-Jun-04 BaiduA
13-Jul-04 Picasa Picasa, Blogger
Sep-04 ZipDash Google Ride Finder
Oct-04 Where2 Google Maps
27-Oct-04 Keyhole, Inc Google Maps, Google Earth
28-Mar-05 Urchin Software Corporation Google Analytics
12-May-05 Dodgeball Google Mobile, Google SMS
Jul-05 Reqwireless Google Mobile
7-Jul-05 Current Communications Group Internet backbone
17-Aug-05 Android Google Mobile, Google SMS
Nov-05 Skia Picasa
17-Nov-05 Akwan Information Technologies Internet backbone
20-Dec-05 AOLB
27-Dec-05 Phatbits Google Desktop
31-Dec-05 allPAY GmbH Google Mobile
31-Dec-05 bruNET GmbH Google Mobile
17-Jan-06 dMarc Broadcasting AdSense
14-Feb-06 Measure Map Google Analytics
9-Mar-06 Upstartle Google Documents
14-Mar-06 @Last Software Google Sketchup
9-Apr-06 Orion Google Search
1-Jun-06 2Web Technologies Google Spreadsheet
15-Aug-06 Neven Vision Google Maps
9-Oct-06 YouTube Google Video
31-Oct-06 JotSpot Google Sites
18-Dec-06 Endoxon Google Maps
4-Jan-07 XunleiC
16-Feb-07 Adscape AdSense
16-Mar-07 Trendalyzer Google Analytics
17-Apr-07 Tonic Systems Google Documents
19-Apr-07 Marratech Google Talk
13-Apr-07 DoubleClick AdSense
11-May-07 GreenBorder Internal use
1-Jun-07 Panoramio Blogger
3-Jun-07 FeedBurner Google Reader
5-Jun-07 PeakStream Server (computing)
19-Jun-07 Zenter Google Documents
2-Jul-07 GrandCentral Google Mobile
20-Jul-07 Image America Google Maps
9-Jul-07 Postini Gmail
27-Sep-07 Zingku Google Mobile
9-Oct-07 Jaiku Google Mobile

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