Google Birthday Story and logos

September 29, 2008

Google is celebrating its 10th birthday, not actually a day as Google itself isn’t sure about the exact day of its launch.In fact, knowing exactly when Google’s birthday is depends on your point of view. Some milestones to consider below, which make Google as old as 12 and as young as 9. Plus, more special Google birthday logos.

Google The 12 Year Old
January 1996

This is when Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started working on BackRub, what later become Google. Use this month, and Google is 12 years old.

Google The 10 Year Old
Sept. 15, 1997

This is when Google registered because they both( Larry Page and Sergery Brin)  felt that BackRub needs a new name, and Google was derived from Googol which means a mathematical term with 1 followed by 100 zeros(A geeky decision right?)

Google The 9 Year Old
Sept. 7, 1998

This is when Google may have officially incorporated.

Google The 9 Year Old
Sept. 27, 1998 (Current Official Date)

Back in 2005, Google declared that Sept. 27 was its birthday. But wait — what happened with that Sept. 7 date? Well, in 2005, Yahoo came along and freaked Google out by announcing an index that was larger than Google’s. It had been ages since anyone did that.

Things got resolved by Google doing some PR. They announced that for their “birthday,” they’d gotten bigger — but were also dropping the count of pages from the home page, which helped (thankfully) defuse the size wars that often meant nothing about search quality.

It’s Their Party, They’ll Party When They Want To!

Google Birthday Logos

Google’s been putting them up consistently since 2002. The first year, it happened on September 27, then shifted to September 7, then back to September 27 from 2005 onward.

4th Birthday: 2002

Celebrated on September 27th, 2002.

5th Birthday: 2003

Celebrated on September 7th, 2003.

6th Birthday: 2004

Celebrated on September 7th, 2004.

7th Birthday: 2005

Celebrated on September 27th, 2005.

8th Birthday: 2006

Celebrated on September 27th, 2006.

9th Birthday: 2007:

Google's 9th Birthday Logo

10th Birthday 2008


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